Every Groom Includes a Bath & Every Bath Includes a Groom


She has completed her certification in March of 2006 from The Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming, the only dog grooming school in the state that is recognized by the Wisconsin Board of Education.  In school she groomed 227 dogs!  She graduated as valedictorian in her class.


Completed her apprenticeship under Tracy and is a very talented groomer!  We are happy to have her on board, she does an excellent job.

We use and recommend shampoo from Davis Manufacturing.

We have shampoos to cover your dogs every need, from really sensitive skin to extra grubby.  We even have a solution that will give skunk smell a run for its money!


Please let us know of any sensitivities or special needs that your dog may need during their groom.

A Full Service Groom Includes

  • Brush out and Comb, removes mattes, dead hair and dander
  • Nail Trimming
  • Hair Cut or Trim, if necessary
  • Ear Plucking, if necessary
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Bath With a Gentle Massage
  • Check & Express Anal Glands
  • Thorough Rinse
  • Dry, more dead hair and dander is removed with this process
  • Final Brush and Tidy


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Pet Hair Coloring * Painted Toenails

Now offering pet hair coloring and/or painted toenails.  Your dog must get a full service groom first.  It can take up to four hours to die your pets hair.  All dies and nail polishes are designed for pets and are safe.

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