Obedience Training

No problem is too big or too small

Obedience Training: Heel, recall, behavioral, e-collar, perimeter training, place, stay, sit , socialization skills, focus, anxiety, agility and much more.

Call for availability, reservation and deposit information: 920-668-8619 ask for Tracy or Jordynn.

Jordynn does a great job, she earned a degree from Duke University in Dog Behavior and Cognition. We are really fortunate she is a part of our team!

For our monthly training, it is recommended that you mail a deposit to reserve a training spot.

We encourage all of our dogs to have fun.

It takes about two years to fully train a dog for obedience and/or hunting. We give you the tools to train your dog, it is up to you to use those tools to complete your dogs training.

Confidence Building Class: $45

Purchase four classes up front and receive a $20 discount.

There are four to six dogs at each class. The dogs are on leash and we help you work the dog through multiple stations where there are obstacles to work on. You get two to five minutes at each station and go through each station multiple times. Some of the obstacles are a kids pool filled with empty bottles, a raised bench, weave poles, standing on top of buckets, tunnel, pile of boxes, etc. Classes are held outdoors April through October, depending on the weather. We have a big canopy to work under. These classes are geared towards dogs with anxiety, shyness, dog aggression and dogs that need to learn to focus, but anyone is welcome. The dogs do not meet one another, they are taught to ignore the dogs and focus on their handler. At the end of each session we go for a leash walk.

Private Lessons: $60

Purchase four classes up front and receive a $30 discount.

Private lessons are where we work the dog together for an hour. You get things to work on at home between sessions. This training can be scheduled when ever our schedules agree. Your dog can start this training at any age, as long as they are current on bordetella and age appropriate vaccinations. Our schedule can usually only accommodate one lesson per week per customer.

Monthly Obedience Training: $800

We have two options for monthly training: Your dog can stay at our kennel or, if you live close enough, you can drop your dog off in the training room every morning and pick up every night Monday thru Friday. With either option you can visit once a week to see what your dog is learning and be a part of the training process. The training is four weeks.